Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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looper1234 wrote:

I can make a simple model for a black dot in 3D space and simulate taking photographs of it right now. I don't see any difficulty in that.

since you said its impossible to do this, I've decided to outline a plausible way to obtain real life model details: one can simply mount such custom senors on fixed and known locations to obtain to relative deferential to solve for spatial coordinates. 3 sensors to fix a position, 3 more to fix another to get the vector.

~but know this~

you just got served by a 19 year old who uses English as a second language.

I think you just proved the futility of this concept with your own "simulation".  To capture the vector information for a single black dot, you needed to use 6 sensors.  What if you want to know what color a non-black dot is along with that vector information?  You are now up to 6 red, 6 green, and 6 blue sensors for a minimum total of 18 sensors.  And that is just for a single dot.

I'm not sure what you photograph, but my pictures are usually more detailed than a single dot.  To capture the vector information, you either need to drastically increase the amount of data collected, or drastically reduce the effective resolution.  The miniscule value of vector information is far outweighed by the downsides from collecting it.

To look at it another way, you would need to collect massive amounts of data to completely define a scene in 3D space.  You then throw away the majority of that data when you define a single 2D focal plane and create a final image.  That is not an efficient use of hardware or time.  it is so much simpler to just get focus set right from the start.

I think you just "got served" by yourself.

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