Where is my D400?!!!

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Re: Where is my D400?!!!

DaytonR wrote:

I wouldnt hold my horses over the D400 ever coming out , Nikon has said several times the D7100 is the flagship DX camera , here are a few examples:


+" Significantly, Nikon Europe's presentation of the camera describes the D7100 as the company's 'flagship DX model', and omitted mention of the D300S in the company's DSLR lineup. Certainly, the gap between the D7100 and D600 now leaves little obvious room for a 'D400.' "


Nikon Japan has said that the D7100 is NOT the flagship DX camera so there's a data point the other direction.   In any case, anyone who says that a $900 difference between D7100 and D600 isn't enough room for another camera has no idea how Nikon marketing works.  There's lots of room in there for another camera.

Besides, the crippled buffer size of the D7100 (less than one second of RAW shots) should be an obvious enough clue that Nikon is protecting the space above the D7100 for something that works better for continuous shooting.

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