D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking' - doesn't look like blooming or flare
I guess you were not careful enough. ADL typically exposes raw data up to about a stop lower than non-ADL (but this is not evident in the in-camera and CNX/VNX previews).
This may indeed result in a stop less blown highlights if you'd blow them with the original setting. But this is assuming that you don't watch the histogram and adjust exposure as to not blow the highlights. If you do, you're likely to end up with captures made at about 2 stops less than what is recoverable from raw with highlights maxed to the right (in RawDigger raw histogram), which results in the lifted shadows being noisier than they'd need to be. With ADL, the image indeed looks brighter, despite the raw data being exposed lower, due to the processing applied instantly, and the same processing is also applied upon opening in VNX2/CNX2. Some 3rd-party converters may show the lower exposure - but some may normalize exposure (Picasa) or apply a complex rendering preset (Adobe).

Yep. I've been wrong. It is truly decreases exposure time and push shadows up.

I've make measurments 3 years ago and forgot details. But since ADL processing takes additional time and slows shot sequense I've got wrong impression since these.

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