Panasonic GX1 or E-PL2?

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Re: Panasonic GX1 or E-PL2?

GX1 benefits

1. Much newer upgraded sensor (16Mpx v. 12), marginally better ISO performance.
2. More buttons/controls, more direct/faster handling than going through menus.
3. Larger grip, but whether it is more ergonomical is personal preference.
4. Marginally faster AF (due to faster sensor refresh times)
5. Usable video mode (not perfect, but perfectly usable).

GX1 disadvatnages

1. Size
2. No IBIS (you have to rely on Panasonic OIS lenses)
3. No in-built EVF (the external EVF is overpriced)
4. Dumbed down flash (low GN), no wireless TTL support
5. JPEG engine is different (again, personal preference)

Again, if budget is a concern, then by all means both the GX1/G3 have dropped to fairly affordable prices. Despite the sensor being a generation older than the latest EM-5 or GH3, the performance is still pretty good.

The main problem I think with switching between Panasonic and Olympus is the IBIS v. OIS issue (which typically mean your lenses will be bigger and more expensive).

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