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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

Febs wrote:

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Too bright in dim light, too dim in bright light.

This has nothing to do with exposure as most here simply assume - it's that EVF have a very very limited capability to illuminate the image, the amount of light required to drown out the light leakage if you have to use the EVF with glasses (spectacles) is simply not available for them, especially if your eye is adapted to a bright environment. On the other side of the scale if your eye is adapted to a dim environment even the lowest illumination setting on an EVF is too bright for comfort.

Hallo Karl Günter,

There's some truth to your statement, however after using the A99 EVF for only one week, I already prefer it over the optical viewfinder of the A900, which was pretty awesome. I don't find it too bright in dark environment but pretty optimal in terms of luminosity. In overcast and mildly sunny weather I prefer it as well because it shows me how the exposure will look like. It's only in bright conditions that I find it a pain to use.

Greetings, Fabian

Hello Fabian,

The following was taken from an imaging-resource review of the A65 that uses the same EVF as the A77/A99.


"Before turning to all the positive aspects of EVFs, I'll raise one other area where they lag behind optical viewfinders, namely image brightness compared to bright daylight. While I really fell in love with the Sony A65's EVF, it shared one remaining foible with lesser EVFs of the past. Even with the brightness adjustment set to maximum, when I brought the viewfinder to my eye while shooting under bright sunlight, the EVF display was significantly less bright than the surroundings. I often found it taking a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dimmer view, and I was conscious of pressing the camera particularly closely against my face in an attempt to block out as much ambient light as possible.

I don't know what the brightness limits of OLEDs are, so it's possible that Sony could change the settings to let the EVF get even brighter, but my guess is they'd already have done so if it were feasible. I personally didn't feel that the limited brightness was a major issue, but other IR team members who used the camera in bright sunlight found it rather distracting. (Happily, the transflective rear-panel LCD does well in bright surroundings; it worked very well, even in glaring direct sunlight.)"

Also the more the brightness is set for the EVF the more battery power is used. Overall the other features of the A99 are enticing and I will probably buy one with the vertical grip in the future and get used to the dim issue.

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