D7100 'streaking'

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Re: It's all Nikon/Sony's fault

rhlpetrus wrote:

A few years ago nobody would be pushing shadows 4-5 stops ...

Anyway, keep up th egood owrk, it's good to know everything about the new sensor. Nikon and Toshiba will certainly need to look into banding and this unrelated issue, which may be lens-related, since I doubt one would have this type of sensor "blooming".

Which begs the question wanting to be asked:

Of what importance is this to practical picture taking, and how does the EXMOR sensor technology fare in similar situations?

The general opinion amongst many D7000/5100 owners appears to be that their sensing chain has certain warts in low level color accuracy and resolution, but in general the EXMOR technology appears to limit pretty gracefully. By contrast it seems the Toshiba sensor stumbles more...or we are intent on demonstrating that it does.

Certainly the deeper question underlying these investigations is why Nikon felt it necessary to move away from such a robust technology in the first place.  We'll never know the answer to that. These discoveries make me want to grumble, but also make me realize that I haven't sufficient perspective on their significance to justify that grumbling.

The best thing we can do is quantify these behaviors and relegate them to the deep shadows (so to speak) whence they came and get on with taking pictures...

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