Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance? An open discussion.

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You misunderstand

VirtualMirage wrote:

Klipsen wrote:

All APS-C does is crop.

For a given magnification at the sensor plane and a given aperture, DoF is ~ identical.
Ceterum censeo soleam calidam ISO esse delendam.

Your "~" is key here.  It's close, but not identical.  What appears to be making the impact is that the circle of confusion is slightly smaller on an APS-C than a Full Frame, by .01mm.

I  put the ~ there, because you can't have the same number of pixels and the same pixel size on the two formats, and both have an influence on the perceived DoF.

At very close distances from lens to subject, the difference will be small.  But as you get further away from your subject, the depth of field differences grows bigger and bigger.

Actually, it's at shorter distances and wide apertures that the relative differences are most important.

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Ceterum censeo soleam calidam ISO esse delendam.

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