Fuji X100s or Sony Nex 6 pz 16-50

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Re: Fuji X100s or Sony Nex 6 pz 16-50

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

....the Sony engineers interfere too much with the dummy user who has to be stopped from making a mistake by disabling this that and other thing all the time in their menus.

Fuji is more respectful of the photographer.

So not to cheapen the Nex because it is good, I would sum up as Fuji is more the photographer's camera and Nex more the casual upgrader from a point and shoot type of camera. It has that distinct feel to it. Sony Nex is a bit too automatic to be totally engaging even though you can set everything manually once you get used to the extremely poorly thought out menu system.


This is a good summation.  As a long time Leica user (especially the film M cameras) I find that using the X100s is really enjoyable.  The interface between photographer and the tool is extremely important to me. The NEX series ended up being a burden to use.  And as far as the IQ, pretty much everything out there has reached a level of high competency.

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