F900EXR - I'm in love

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Re: F900EXR - I'm in love

Richard Southworth wrote:

I'm a previous D7000 owner, although I've since divested myself of all Nikon equipment and moved over to m43 for my heavy duty stuff.

I've very pleased with the F900, use it primarily in raw mode set to EXR/SN, which is their nomenclature for binning two pixels into one, resulting in a 8mp camera.  This sounds like a drastic reduction from 16mp, but is only approx. 30% reduction in linear pixels, i.e. from 4608x3456 down to 3264x2448.  In this mode it is good up to ISO 3200, particularly if one uses ACR/Photoshop to process the results - the in-camera jpg rendering is ok but begins to fall apart at higher ISO.

IMO it's justification for costing $400 is maintaining good performance and IQ out to 20X zoom - if the zoom is not an important factor than something like a S110 or ZX-10 (or best of all a G15 if size is not paramount) is a better choice for low light capability.  Nothing beats a fast lens, but the f3.5-5.3 is not bad given the zoom range, i haven't found another pocket zoom as good.

Richard Southworth

Added by edit - no problem from the flash in normal operation, haven't used it much with the flash extended, the few times I did there was no difficulty in holding.

Thank you for your response.

I am looking for a small travel zoom camera so size and zoom are important. I like to shoot in raw for photo editing purposes and I also like the idea of the wi-fi for sharing right away if needed.  I just want to toss it in my purse and go. This camera just keeps ticking the boxes. If image quality is great then this should be a winner.

My camera store just e-mailed that they should have it by the end of this week or early next week so will go check it out.

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