Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Re: So, you don't even own a d600...

RhysM wrote:

I've owned various performance vehicles, all have had had numerous problems. But i still like saying i drive a BMW/Audi/Porsche and like the fact they faster and handle, better, way better than my driving skills/public roads could ever truly take advantage of.

Logic would dictate that a car is a mode of transport, a tool, purely utilitarian and if i had any sense i'd swap it for a small engined, reliable run around. But then we aren't logical and we often want things that on paper exceed our needs, though we know we will rarely, if ever use their full potential.

Again, human nature, a D600 would probably meet my needs but a D800 would exceed them, and a lot of people take comfort in that fact.

I can agree with all of this (though with 5 kids and no real jones for automobiles - I commute 2 hours a day and want something reliable and inexpensive - I would never spend that kind of money on a car), but I imagine you wouldn't buy a Honda and complain that it doesn't perform like your Porche.

The d600 is in no way a crippled camera.

Anyway, d600, d800...enjoy whichever it is that you end up getting.

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