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Re: Macro Focus Stacking

Duncan C wrote:

rgolub wrote:

Purists will tell you to use a focus rail instead of the focus ring.  It does make a difference at time - mostly with 'larger' shots (big flowers, more closeups than true macro) or if you rig the shot to use lots of slices.

What is better about moving the camera? Less optical changes to the image?

I gather purists do not all agree on this. The same rule does not apply to all macro lenses, at least not to the same degree. Obviously, some extend when changing focus. Less obviously, the effective focal length (perspective) and the pupil positions change with focus too.

Check the Photomacrography forum already mentioned above. There's loads of stacking stuff there, and the support of Zerene Stacker is pretty active there (rjlittlefield).

There's some relevant stuff at Nikongear too although they've gone pay mostly


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