Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Re: So, you don't even own a d600...

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paulski66 wrote:

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I'm pretty sure i will never need to do over 90mph in a car, though if i spent a boat load of money on a Porsche i wouldn't be happy if it was limited to 100mph.  Firstly it's called human nature and secondly, part of quality is over-engineering, people take comfort in knowing the limits of the objects they own FAR exceed their needs.


My Honda CR-V doesn't have a third row of seats. Other Hondas do; the Odyssey has a third row of seats. But damn it, my CR-V doesn't.

Those bastards. How dare they not over-engineer my car...

My condolences to hear you own a Honda.

200,000+ miles and it's paid in full.

Honestly, I would never own another brand. I had a Subaru before this, and while I loved it (despite it, too, not having a third row of seats), I put ~$500-$1,000 per year I owned it, and then the engine died after 6 years.

Paid less for the Honda, and other than oil changes and brakes, the thing is practically maintenance free.

I've owned various performance vehicles, all have had had numerous problems. But i still like saying i drive a BMW/Audi/Porsche and like the fact they faster and handle, better, way better than my driving skills/public roads could ever truly take advantage of.

Logic would dictate that a car is a mode of transport, a tool, purely utilitarian and if i had any sense i'd swap it for a small engined, reliable run around. But then we aren't logical and we often want things that on paper exceed our needs, though we know we will rarely, if ever use their full potential.

Again, human nature, a D600 would probably meet my needs but a D800 would exceed them, and a lot of people take comfort in that fact.

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