a57 v d5100 for first DSLR

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Re: a57 v d5100 for first DSLR

I understand all that. I thought that there are minor things one can do to the sensor, like choosing voltage levels, who knows. I can accept that there isn't anything one can do to make a sensor magically better. If it's the same sensor, same version of the sensor (is it? noone ever talks about revisions - neither do we get to hear about that from manufacturers - so all we can do is speculate).

Go here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-alpha-slt-a57/18

Select ISO 1800, pick the D5100 from the list. Browse around the picture. I'm not seeing much difference at all. I'm seeing green feathers that look better on the A57 version. I'm seeing other parts there look better on the D5100 version. I'm seeing lens issues I think as well.

End of day, does the D5100 evidently show much better results? Not according to that test it doesn't. So, I'm sticking with my -5 to 10% better ballpark.

So, that brings us back to all those features. So how about all those features that the Sony has that the Nikon does not...?

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