Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Re: So, you don't even own a d600...

paulski66 wrote:

RhysM wrote:

Yeah, i most likely will get the D600.

As i said, it's the gadget freak side of me that wants the higher spec.

If i'm completely honest, i don't recall ever having issue with or missing focus on many shots with my first ever Nikon DSLR which was a D80, for that matter nor my the Fuji S2 Pro which i had on long term loan from a friend. So the reality is the D600 will be great, but you know how it is with forums, the internet and endless resources of research, you start second guessing yourself.

I'm sure if i spent long enough i could think up a reason why there's not a single DSLR on the planet that meets my needs

...and you're pretty sure that if/when you do own one, its AF capabilities will be more than enough to meet your needs, and yet you're on here complaining about how Nikon "crippled" the camera by using the 39-point AF module.


I'm pretty sure i will never need to do over 90mph in a car, though if i spent a boat load of money on a Porsche i wouldn't be happy if it was limited to 100mph.  Firstly it's called human nature and secondly, part of quality is over-engineering, people take comfort in knowing the limits of the objects they own FAR exceed their needs.


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