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Rail vs. Focus

bigpigbig wrote:

Rob Casady wrote:

Moving the camera on a rail will also change magnification, but I think it is less than changing the lens focus ring.

I would really like to know if this is true.

I'll do some tests when I get time. I'll probably start a new thread, rather than bury it here.

I can test with moving the camera on a rail, moving the camera body only with bellows, and changing the focus ring on the lens.

I use a D800E w/ 105 Macro and Helicon Remote to capture images then Helicon Focus to stack them.

I have the 105mm Micro VR, so I can test with that.

For certain scenes and lighting it works great, for others there are artifacts.

Let me know what situations give you artifacts so I can see if using a different shooting method gets rid of them.

I have a Manfrotto Macro Slider I could use, but the automated process of Helicon is just SUPER fast, accurate and convenient.

Yes, it would be interesting to know whether a stepper motor rail is worth the expense.

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