Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance? An open discussion.

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Re: Nope...

moimoi wrote:

Klipsen wrote:

All APS-C does is crop.

For a given magnification at the sensor plane and a given aperture, DoF is ~ identical.

That's untrue, because FF allows to shoot closer to your subject with an equivalent angle of view.  To get the same FF angle of view with APS-C, you must move back from the subject, which ultimately leads to less shallow dof.

You're both right - and therefore both wrong.

For a given magnification at the sensor plane, you need same focal length and same camera to subject distance. So DOF will be the same but FOV will be different (because all APS-C does is indeed crop). So Klipsen is right.

Alternatively, one can change the subject to camera distance, which will change the magnification at the sensor plane. So FOV will be the same but DOF will be different. So moimoi is right as well.

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