R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mike Dobbs Senior Member • Posts: 1,089
Re: R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

Mike Dobbs wrote:

I'm also noticing multiple cleaning cycles recently on my r3000. I switched to MK several months ago and just starting making more prints after some weeks of inactivity. Now just about every new print job causes a cleaning cycle...it's like it's doing the photo black to matte black switch procedure but not actually changing to the other black.

I have not yet depleted the MK ink, but it's dropped maybe 30% after 5, single page print jobs!

Also, I have been switching between colour & ABW modes, all on MK ink, matte paper.

Just sent this issue off to Epson Support to see what they...I advise anyone having this issue to contact Epson...hopefully more reports of this will aid them in resolving it.


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