Lenses for photographing people...

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Re: Lenses for photographing people...

s_grins wrote:

OniMirage wrote:

The full frame equivalent of ideal focal length for portraits is < 50mm. It has only to do with rendering the subject accurately without distortion. That's it.

I think this a great answer (maybe little inaccurate)

I think that short focus (WA) lenses are very sensetive to leveling and tilt, you have to move them out from the subject. Convenient focus lens begins with 50mm and up to 80mm. But, you can use shorter and longer focus it you want to let's say, shorten a little big nose or stretch a little short chin.

All the rules here are the basis for deviation.

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Indeed anything can be used for a portrait. Knowing how certain focal lengths behave is important if you have multiple options to capture your image and time to set up. 50+ just tends to be easier to get pleasing results, flatter with less average distortion.

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