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Wow, I really hit a nerve! Sorry about that.

69chevy wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Sorry, I proved your comment about, if you don't have an F/2.8 zoom indoors you have to go home, wrong. Clearly there are ways to work around various hurdles.

Yes you proved you could stay (and take bad pictures)....

Not sure why you posted a thread with lots of personal attacks.  I guess I really hit a nerve.  Clearly I was not posting great pictures, but only proving your statement wrong with the the first pic I could find.  Again, sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Please understand the difference between "need" and "want".  Just because you don't have the lens YOU "want" is not a reason to, as you say, "go home".  A good photographer will use what he has available (see DPR story about Nick Laham as an example).  Also, do a search and learn there are numerous ways to isolate a subject besides using shallow DoF, as this will be very beneficial.

Good luck though 

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