Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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Re: which law of physics is broken
I'm done wasting time with you. Have a nice life.

lol, i think I've being more than polite to you considering this is a forum for "adults"; although sometimes i truly wonder.

if your final argument is to compare light vector modeling to anti-gravity, than i can only describe your position as desperate.

I can make a simple model for a black dot in 3D space and simulate taking photographs of it right now. I don't see any difficulty in that.

since you said its impossible to do this, I've decided to outline a plausible way to obtain real life model details: one can simply mount such custom senors on fixed and known locations to obtain to relative deferential to solve for spatial coordinates. 3 sensors to fix a position, 3 more to fix another to get the vector.

the fact that you still mention lens means you are still trapped in your own narrow mind: just as a simulation is enough to predict accurately a projectile's trajectory so can the same be done to lights; any light traveling thru a lens will have its behavior modeled and its results simulated. Your argument keeps brings up the failures of a camera that i don't even know or care.

I am sure most of the time you get enormous satisfaction dissecting technical details where there are none. And to point them out to people, to fill your own ego. I have to say you have really spent a lot of effort.

Perhaps you had a bad day, and want to vent, and my post look sufficiently newbie enough to serve your purpose

~but know this~

you just got served by a 19 year old who uses English as a second language.

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