Sony NEX and rain

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Re: Sony NEX and rain

zackiedawg wrote:

Just fine as long as you take very basic precautions and care.  My NEX-5N has been out in rain dozens of times, even very hard rain - as recently as this past weekend when I was caught in a strong downpour  about 1/2 mile from the nearest cover.

Basic precaution for light rain and drizzle - keep camera pointed down, cover the buttons with your hand, gently dab away any rain that has gotten on the body.  Use lens hood, don't press or use a button when a water drop has landed directly on the button or seam between button and body.

Basic precaution for heavier rain - cover the camera - stick it under your shirt, bring a ziploc bag with you that you can toss over the camera or stick the camera in, bring an umbrella if you want to keep shooting with the camera during the rain, have a waterproof camera bag along for storage needs.

I've shot in tropical environments most of my life, with daily rain for a good 8 months of the year possible to likely.  Humidity off the charts.  Heat near 100 much of the year.  I've gone through a dozen cameras over the years, from P&S to video to DSLR to mirrorless, and haven't had a rain-related failure yet...all of those cameras were exposed to rain and have been wet, hit with sand and dust, covered in pollen, had ants on them, been scratched and scuffed by branches and leaves, and all were cared for with basic logic - carefully cleaned off, dabbed, wiped, and polished as needed.  My cameras all look used, but well cared for.  They've got some scuffs and wear, but no damage.  Most are still in use, handed down to family and friends.

Don't worry too much - and just be aware and take logical precautions and actions when dealing with rain - you should be fine.

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Excellent advice.

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