Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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which law of physics is broken

looper1234 wrote:

You described something that isn't just marketing, to do what you predict, you have to break laws of physics. Physics is pretty unbreakable.

Why is modeling light vectors is impossible ?  which law of physics is broken by collecting light information as vectors and recording them ?

to there is only a finite amount of light at any given location; a constructed model based on the vectors collected would be enough to allow post processing to mimic the effect of traditional cameras within such a space.

I'm not sure what "to there" means, but you're pretty close to explaining why it won't work.

"there is only a finite amount of light at any given location"

That's the whole ticket. To emulate a lens, you have to have a lot of rays. Ren Ng decimated his lens by a factor of 13 squared, and that cut both his pixel count and his light gathering ability down by a factor of 169.

The decimation required to even begin to simulate that "software lens" is on the order of 10,000, and there simply aren't enough photons in that "finite amount of light at any given location" to do it.

i am talking about software aperture,

Within limits.

software lens,

No. There still a physical lens in a plenoptic camera, a good one. The physical lens has to exceed the capabilities (and therefore, the size and weight) of every lens that the plenoptic camera tries to emulate through software. Have a look at the Lytro, it's essentially all lens.

software shutter speed.

Nope. There's nothing magic about plenoptics that negates the simple fact that adding an electronic shutter to a sensor cuts your low light sensitivity in half. They've been around for decades, but you seldom see anyone try to use one on a camera. It's a compromise no one wants to deal with.

the only difficulty of this process is method of collection, how to construct an accurate model.

That's like saying the only difficulty of anti-gravity cars is anti-gravity. You can't "model" what you don't have.

If your opinion is that this can never be done, or by your own words "physically impossible" than I think the Kodak executive analogy is spot on for you.

If you think that analogy is appropriate, then you do not want to know what I think of you.

I'm done wasting time with you. Have a nice life.

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