Nikon D3100 vs. D3200 on DP tests

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Re: Nikon D3100 vs. D3200 on DP tests

Kelly M Jones wrote:

joshpictaking wrote:

I have read both the reviews of the D3100 and of the D3200.

I have found out a thing that suprises me.

Of course the D3200 has a far superior number of pixels, but these pixels are ... almost half the D3100's ones!

On this test , I noticed that the D3200 is better one low ISO (100-200), but if you place on 6400 ISO, the D3200 cannot really compete with the D3100! (I suggest you, in high ISO, to take a look at the "dried grass", on the top right corner, on the Kodak test paper).

I had almost decided for the D3200, but this has made me stop here. Is it true what I say, did I see wrong, are you still sure the D3200 is better?

. So, don't make a camera decision based on the sharpness of a dpreview studio scene.


This is very true, there are way too many people who judge sharpness in the comparison tool, it is not a lens tester.

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