Need advice about flash for OM-D ( new situation )

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Re: Need advice about flash for OM-D ( new situation )

Vu Dang wrote:

Of course I read some thread about flash for OM-D. I think about some situation:

- I can buy likenew FL-36R for 142$, FL-50R for 310$ in Vietnam. m43 accessories are not easy to buy in VN. I know that FL-600R same power FL-36R plus faster recycle time, FL-50R twice power 36R/600R

- Now I need only FL-36R or FL-600R but in future probly I need FL-50R or Metz 58/52

- I plan to use both wireless TTL + double flash. I will get FL-36R cause of very good price and compact size on OM-D. Can I use FL-LM2 remote both Olympus and Metz wireless TTL at same time? Can I use FP mode both flash?

I think about this because of Metz flash can be update firmware to update features. I love this method. I also want flexible solution: LM2 on OM-D to remote 2 others flash or FL-36R on OM-D for 1 flash with good balance or FL-36R wireless TTL with Metz 58/52.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you all!

One major difference between the FL36R and the FL600R is the battery power.  This could be an issue for you.  I have not used these units, but in general, I have to believe there is faster recycling and better life out of a set of 4 AA batteries vs only 2.  Heavier, but it may be worth the weight.  I do not believe there is an appreciable size difference between the two units.  The price difference may well be worth the time it takes to swap out battery pairs.  Only you can know.

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