Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Re: somewhat

chlamchowder wrote:

It's not like the D7100 is perfect either. It's missing the full time ISO display in the finder

Please elaborate a little.  Thanks.

The same problem as what was in the D7000: there are only three numerical displays in the finder, meaning that you can't display frame count and ISO at the same time. You can set it to display ISO (losing the frame count display), but that display disappears and is replaced with the number of burst frames remaining when you half press the shutter. So while you have the shutter half pressed...you have no indication of what ISO you're at.

And dropping the frame count display by itself is not an optimal solution.

Am I correct to say that for those of us who don't use auto iso this should not be an issue. I always set my iso manually.

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