Nikon D3100 vs. D3200 on DP tests

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Questions thread
Isit13 Forum Member • Posts: 60
Re: Nikon D3100 vs. D3200 on DP tests

I'd go with the D3200, you get microphone support (i think) and some other things they took away in the 3100, and in my opinion having a good Denoise tool is just as important as the camera ISO performance itself (well not quite). I use Topaz Denoise for everything i shoot with my 3100 above 400 ISO, usually i apply lightest or light RAW preset and it works way better than doing it in Adobe Camera Raw.

Both are nice cameras it seems, they are nearly as good as the more expensive DX models in terms of image quality, just feature stripped, and often one can still do what the more expensive ones do manually, like bracketing.

The only things i long for as a d3100 user is screwdrive for old AF lenses, Body metering, and addon microphone, and AF fine tune.

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