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Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,775
Re: Another question

If you look at System Information, I'm willing to bet you'll find 2x 4G sticks, not 1x 8G so you'll end up pulling out the original '8G' (keep it as Apple gets nasty if you bring it in for service w/ 3rd party memory).

The $$ differential is not relevant.  OWC doesn't make their own so it's additional cost whereas Crucial is a division of RAM maker Micron.

John M Roberts wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions. I failed to mention the 27" plus forgot they come with 8MB. Is it possible to just to order 3 more 8GB sticks from the third party to fill the rest of the slots or is it not recommended to mix different party RAM?

Crucial $252 for 4 sticks = 32GB RAM

OWC   $279 for 4 sticks = 32GB RAM

Any concern ordering the less expensive Crucial brand?

If anyone has bought one of the recent offering of the iMac 27" I'd be curious to know what features you configured and why, like fusion, speed etc.

Again thanks for the help.

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