Buying a Mac Mini just got a whole lot easier

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Re: Buying a Mac Mini just got a whole lot easier

I purchased a MiniStack last December and returned it to OWC for a full refund.

The new MiniStacks interfered with both USB 3.0 and WiFi when used with a Mac Mini. OWC blames the USB 3.0 problem on Apple's poor shielding in the Mini and now sells a kit to fix the problem. (Apple may have improved the shielding since then.) But there is no fix for the WiFi issue; the MiniStack killed my WiFi connection. It occurred when the unit was stacked with the Mini and when it was within a foot of the Mini. I didn't have a longer cable available to see if the problem persisted when the stack was farther away from the Mini.

I was replacing an older version of the MiniStack that died prematurely. Based on my experiences with MiniStacks I cannot recommend them; I replaced it with OWC Mercury Elite Pro enclosures which have a USB 3.0 "sleep" bug that still hasn't been fixed but at least they don't kill my WiFi signal...

I suggest using an external optical drive that will run between $30-$40 depending on the brand and where you purchase the drive.

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