LA-EA2 + SAL1680Z Problems

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Re: LA-EA2 + SAL1680Z Problems

Rccarruth wrote:

I ordered the two items in the title recently and so far I'm very disappointed.  The 16-80Z came in yesterday and I took a walk around a local park to try it out.  I noticed pretty quickly that there seemed to be some wobble in the set-up.  I though at first it might be between the LA-EA2 to NEX connection or lens-to-adapter connection.  I soon realized it was the zoom extension on the lens.
It wobbled enough that I could feel it with each step while walking holding the camera.  It wobbles when fully retracted or extended.  The LA-EA2 has a more authoritative shutter than the camera alone which I assume is the mirror flip(I've never owned a DSLR).  It seems when you combine these two, it's nearly impossible to get a sharp picture.  After getting home, I checked the pictures and sure enough, none of them are as sharp as my 18-55 kit lens.  Nice color and contrast sure,  but at 100% everything is a blurry mess.
I checked some reviews online and a few mentioned zoom wobble on the 16-80, but usually just at the extreme extension.  I assume it shouldn't wobble noticeably at any zoom level?  Has anyone with a 16-80Z experienced this problem?  If so, was the lens repaired or replaced?  It was a used lens sold as "Like New" with a warranty.  I've contacted the seller and I'm waiting to see what happens.
Thanks for any input.


I suggest to inspect three different issues:

1. Zoom wobble. This typically refers to the barrel play when fully extended. The inner barrel can move a small degree within the outer barrel. This deals with lens construction and setup. Annoying as it may be, this should not affect the image quality, unless something is very wrong - e.g. the degree of wobble causes lens misalignment. Most likely this can be repaired with a few screw tightening (inside the lens).

2. Blurry mess. As other are hinting, the LA-EA2 with lens does not have OS, as the kit lens does. You should be able to get a sharp picture if your shutter speeds are sufficiently fast enough. Can you post some images of the pictures that you are referring to? I'd like to see the EXIF data on the images.

3. Wobble in lens adapters. This has come up several times with the cheap China-made adapters. They use leaf springs to hold the lens, and sometimes these leaf (metal bulges) are repressed. Carefully extending them with a knife or screwdriver does the trick. I would not expect this with the OEM equipment, but the check is easy. Can you move the lens and camera with respect to each other (outer barrel of the lens, not inner barrel)? If so, one of the lens mount should have the springs adjusted.

Either way, if the seller offered you warranty, I would not worry too much, you will be able to resolve this one way or another.

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