Jupiter 50mm f2 adapter

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Re: Jupiter 50mm f2 adapter

Jokica wrote:

I personnally have no intention to purchase a Jupiter 8, by the way !


Why not, Marc? It is cheap as cheeps. You will never win any sharpness contest with it, but you can get nice vintage look on pictures. I hope you will change your mind and try it.

Here is my younger daughter, making funny faces. She is holding Kiev with Jupiter-8M, while picture is taken with M39 J-8, aperture between 2.8-4.0

Jokica, it certainly seems to be a fine lens, but I already own enough 50mm at the moment. I know the Jupiter 50mm f2 is nice, but I have faster and better 50s that I use regularly.

This is a very nice picture of your daughter, by the way !


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