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Re: F900EXR - test of SN/DR

Richard Southworth wrote:

BTW I've discovered at least two constraints when using EXR DR on the F900EXR:

1. All flash modes are disabled.

2. One cannot set a fixed ISO, i.e. there does not appear to be a way to force the shutter speed faster by raising ISO.

If you set P (program) mode, M (medium) size, DR 400% extend, you will get the same results as EXR DR, but you will be able to use flash and set a fixed or high-point ISO speed.

So the DR mode has its place, but I wouldn't advocate it for all shooting situations.

I do.  P mode M size, that is. Results are almost always better. Even in low-contrast situations the S-curve highlight rolloff is OK. In cloudy weather I often switch from Provia to Astia for higher shadow contrast and warmer colors.

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