To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

That's great advice, as well as the notion that even when I get a ff camera, I will still be tempted by other cameras. That seems very true.

With full confidence, I'm going to keep the 6. I'm just completely in love with the Sony approach to interchangeable lens cameras. I prefer the way the controls are laid out, the somewhat gimmicky and fun scene modes, the tilt screen, and the evf. But god, you just can't beat that size. I like the advice (and I'm sorry I'm not referencing to you directly) of if I already think the size of dslr's are cumbersome, then I probably won't use it. It's very true; I played with a d600 at best buy and hated it, but thought I could soldier through the size for the sake of the image quality, but that seems like a lie.

I will, however, either spend the money I might have spent on the ffdslr, on a zeiss lens. I thought maybe a metabones speedbooster, but that wouldn't do me any good if I eventually did buy a ff nex. Can't wait for that day.

Can I just say how great you guys are? This is my first post anywhere on dpreview and I was a little worried about how the community would take to this question. Love the advice and appreciate the help. Lot of strange, elitist forums out there and you guys have been nothing but welcoming. Thanks a lot.

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