Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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The difference between "someone" and "everyone"

looper1234 wrote:

just a passing fad...

so says the kodak executive who took a pass on digital photography

Which executive would that be, the one who authorized the invention of the practical digital camera, the one that started producing the first industry's first DSLRs, the one who made Kodak the number one brand of aerospace, scientific, and industrial sensors, or the one that made Kodak the world's number one producer of consumer digital cameras for years?

Your analogy is wrong on multiple levels. As you can see after a minute's thought, there is no "kodak executive who took a pass on digital photography". They died because they had a deeply entrenched corporate culture that was formed at a time when their main technology field (photochemistry) advanced at a much slower rate than electronics. They couldn't adapt to the rate of progress that the more experienced electronics companies could, and fell behind.

The second level of wrongness is a confusion of cause and effect. A lot of companies that enthusiastically embraced digital photography also failed.

The third level is practicality. While Kodak was moving slowly, they were moving. Everyone was moving, because everyone skilled in technology forecasting could make pretty decent projections on how digital would evolve over time. Those same predictive techniques show that lightfield cameras really will be nothing more than niche products.

You described something that isn't just marketing, to do what you predict, you have to break laws of physics. Physics is pretty unbreakable.

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