Looking for the perfect shoulder bag...

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Re: Looking for the perfect shoulder bag...

I still love my think tank change up V1.0 but the new and bigger V2.0 might fit your needs just, it will give you a very flexible and tough bag. And as its name tells you it changes from shoulder to belt pack. http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/changeupv2.aspx

Is it perfect nope, no bag is, if it is big you tend take to much and it is too heavy, it is always too small. Any toploading or frontloading backpack will force you to take it off to get anything out of it. Sling bags get pretty awkward when they get bigger and heavier also.

I still like the construction of my rotation 360, it is brilliant, but again smallish, its reitteration the mindshiftgear 180 seems a lot better (does not scream camera bag either), might get it but very afraid it is actually too big on prize and size......

Also keep in mind what your style is, do you realy want it to shout camera inside (black, boxy, worse logo of Canon or Nikon) or do you want people to want to keep there hands away from it voluntarely (dirty diaper bag). Do you use it in the city, with sneaky hands to be kept out (pacsafe) or need it in the country, where the former might be true to keep monkeys out, but rainprotection gets a higher priority and monkey seldom carry pocket knives.

LOL you will end up like most of us with several bags, and a lot of them are abandoned after just a week of holiday, because not realy that usable.

If you already have a bag you love consider a camera insert (domke) which turns it into a camera bag. Some mill-spec bags might be ideal. If it is just a body plus lens even a neoprene sleeve will work wonders.

But for now realy think hard what you realy want to put in that bag on your photo trips and what you can leave home without, take everything with you to a store with lots of free time and fit it.  Next Take a 1 gallon (4L) bottle of water or bottles and cram it in the bag, does it still feel comfy with some real weight or not. If its a backpack or bigger sling add at least 2gallon better 3. If you realy want that bag but the shoulder strap is cr... try a different strap or a pad to make it comfy. Serious overload the bag, it should feel how it feels after 2hrs..

What would be my ideal bag, something like my rotation 360 with a 3 cm higher and wider rotating waist section, looking outside like a retrospective (canvas) style, Completely weatherproofed. No openings on the front, just on the back with the backpack knowhow of osprey behind it and lockable like a pacsafe. And the waist secion usable as a shoulder bag, waist bag change up style..

Happy hunting

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