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Re: Home studio setup (lighting) question......

This is the most back to front post I have ever seen. I had to turn it around to read it.

studionewbie wrote:


I am a newbie trying to setup a home studio and I need some advice....

The area that I have is approximately 10' (W) x 6' (H) x 12' (D).  I am planning to buy a 10' wide background support, with 9' wide muslin and vinyl backdrops.

As for lighting, I have just purchased a Bowens Germini 400/400 rx kit. I intend to use them for key light and fill light respectively. They come with a wireless "pulsar" module where I would plug into my camera hotshoe, to trigger the flash.

The big question:  I am looking to have a back light and a background light.... what kind of product would people typically purchase for studio of this size /setup, and how would they set them up?

Currently, I am looking at Flashpoint 160 budget kit with two lights: http://www.adorama.com/FPBK1.html

However, I am unsure if this is a good choice. For example, it doesn't have come with reflectors (not sure if it is a must for back /background lights); also,

Not only do they not come with reflectors, there is no mention of an accessory mount what so ever. They may have built in reflectors, and no means of mounting anything else, which wouldn't be good.

I would look to getting lights with the same mount as your Bowens lights, maybe even lower powered Bowens.

I am unsure if it can be triggered properly.... I am thinking that my BG400 units will be triggered by the wireless pulsar module, which will then the Flashpoint units (i.e. photo slave of the Flashpoint detecting the flash of BG400).  Is this how it should work???

Yep, set them in optical slave mode and they will be triggered when your other lights go off. You will have no remote control over their power settings, just triggering.

Many thanks!!!!

No problem.

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