Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Mako2011 wrote:

If you are are trying to compare cameras in terms of resolution (vs sharpness which is not the same thing)

Resolution and sharpness are not exact the same but related. You eyes cannot resolve mushy and soft pixels. Resolution + (natural) sharpness = fine details that human eyes can actually resolve that exactly DXOMark P-MPix test does.

you have to compare a full resolution image taken from both cameras of a target shot at the same distance using the same lens (or near equivalent lens which is hard to do).

At the same AOV (or FOV) with a zoom, so 15mm on Canon APS-C compared to 24mm on FF.  With a prime, then adjust distance to fit into the same AOV.  Otherwise you will have two different AOV photos that cannot be compared directly.

If you're comparing resolution (not sharpness) of two camera/lens combinations, you still have to compare full resolution images shot at the same distance.

As said above only makes sense when fit into the same AOV.

Accuracy depends on how well the target lends itself to resolution measurements and the methodology used to actually compare the resulting images. If the subject was shot at different distances you can still make accurate comparisons, just not in terms of resolution.

To reflect in real world usage of camera system. Crop cameras have operation advantages such as when you unable to move closer or have longer lens. So-called extra reach is just a matter of pixel density. Technically you can have a 46mp FF camera and shoot from the same distance and still outresolve 18mp Canon APS-C as former has better per-pixel quality while latter suffers 1.6x more enlargement. As a matter of fact, I have no doubt even 36mp D800 will outresolve 18mp 60D/7D when shoot from the same distance with the same focus length lens if we use the same Nikon lens (thru an adapter on 60D/7D).

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