Which Sony Nex camera is best for a busy Mum?

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Re: Which Sony Nex camera is best for a busy Mum?

I think if you do want a viewfinder I'd go with the 6 - far more convenient than an add-on and not much difference price wise in total.

I considered the RX100, it's far closer in size to my old TZ7. The reasons I didn't were that at that size it's still not going in a pocket, so the added bulk of the 5R with PZ lens wasn't a big disadvantage and:

- I was interested in trying a tilting screen, though I was far from convinced I'd use it. In practice, it's really handy for taking shots of children at their level and for taking candid pictures.

- I thought the hybrid AF would help

- I like the option of being able to change lenses and have already had some fun with playing with old manual lenses from my film days. I like the idea that when I do take my DSLR out, this can be a second body with a complementary lens on it.

- It may not make much sense, but I felt that with the RX100 I'd find it hard to decide when to take my DSLR and when to take the RX100 - would I regret leaving the house only with the smaller sensor camera? The NEX of course has the same size sensor as the D80, though if I decide to upgrade to FF when I replace the the Nikon I'll be back in the same boat!

I was dubious about zooming using a ring on the lens while using the LCD on the back. I was used to either using an LCD screen with a zoom collar round the shutter button on a compact who having my DSLR up to my eye while zooming the lens by hand. In practice, it's been fine, even with my old lenses where I'm also focussing manually. You could look at the 3N if  you want the compact-like zoom collar or you could use the zoom button on the lens.

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