Does anyone care about moire?

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Re: Removing the OLPF primarily give more sharpness, not more resolution (nt)

Svalbard, eh?  Must be some good photo opportunities in and around that area!

Here are four crops from the Imaging Resource raws.  I would submit that the D7100 and the D600 are resolving more and have better sharpness than the D7000 and the D5200, however you want to spin the English language. If one applies a blur filter, one is by definition resolving less.

As well, the D7100 has higher contrast and richer color than the D5200, no contest (same settings.) Right there in all departments except color intensity by a nose with the D600, which is a feat in itself.

If any of you feel you can make the D5200 look as good in any way whatsoever than the D7100, I hereby challenge you to do so.  I also challenge anyone to provide proof of "false detail" or any other harmful artifacts. Theoretical blah blah blah isn't going to cut it, only pictures or it didn't happen.





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