D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking' - doesn't look like blooming or flare
I have seen no such thing.   In fact I have checked : the D7100's full SNR curves do not appear to show intensive (or any) noise reduction at ISO800 or 1600 in the Raw data.
Perhaps I will see differently once you share how you arrived at that conclusion and the data
that drew you to it.  Without this additional information, though, yours remains an unfounded, far-fetched claim without 'clear instrumental proving'.

DXO measures based on solid ground, but often have wrong interpretation. NR at hi ISOs performed not by blurring and smashing data from different photosites, (as works NR in post processing). It is kind of careful restoration and prediction of photosite measurings. It don't averages nearest pixels lightness, it averages color values by large blocks. So we had great color responce but no color details.

And if you need additional proving it would be tests at ISO 720 (with stripes and ISO800 with no stripes).


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