Those pricy viewfinders?

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Re: Those pricy viewfinders?

My E-PL2 works fine with the VF-3. It may not on the original firmware but I am not sure about that. The colours are a little flat but I prefer the fact that it locks on to the body.

Ken Gosden wrote:

Actually the answer is they are supported on both.  I don't recall if the E-PL2 supports the newer VF-3, but both cameras support the VF-2.  The Olympus site seems to indicate that the E-PL2 supports both models.  I have the VF-3 on both my XZ-1 and my wife's E-PM1.  It is not a great viewfinder if you want it to get a high quality eye level image.  The color is pretty marginal, but for use on sunny days to compose a shot or in dark spaces to avoid the LCD screen blinding others, it works great.  The manual focus zoom works well with the VF-3.  In fact, it is much easier to use than it is on the LCD since the camera is more stable on your eye than at arms length.  The VF-2 is a higher quality with more pixels and better color.  The VF-3 only comes in silver and looks a little odd on the black XZ-1.  But I got mine over black Friday last year for $80 so I don't mind the silver.

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