D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking' - doesn't look like blooming or flare

Jack Hogan wrote:

krikman, you have suggested that the streaking we see could be due to signal processing before the data is written to the Raw file.  I agree that it could be one of the reasons and said so in a previous post.

Yes. My claims was only assumption and must be verified by shooting same picture

- with ADL off 12 bit.

- with and without ADL in 14-bit

- with very first settings but camera rotated 180 degrees.

>Unfortunately in the process you have gone off and made a number of unsubstantiated claims >that are, imo, misleading and highly unlikely at best.  Rather than waste keystrokes challenging >all of them, let's concentrate on the grandest, this one (I have highlighted it in bold and >underlined it):

English isn't my native language so I may speak in unclear manner. Sorry.

krikman wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:


Until ISO400 we presumable have clear raw data, but from ISO800 Nikon 'cooks' RAW data by different datapath with intensive onchip (?) NR. It is common sense but first time we had clear instrumental proving.

Can you provide details on your analysis and the data to support your claim?

You've already seen it on pictures.

We've already seen than data processing paths are different before and after ISO800. It is very solid evidence of in-camera NR. And Nikon agreed many times that you cannot off Noise reduction completely with hi-ISO or long exposures.

I have seen no such thing.   In fact I have checked : the D7100's full SNR curves do not appear to show intensive (or any) noise reduction at ISO800 or 1600 in the Raw data.

DXO measuring is

Perhaps I will see differently once you share how you arrived at that conclusion and the data that drew you to it.  Without this additional information, though, yours remains an unfounded, far-fetched claim without 'clear instrumental proving'.

Are you fooling me? We've CLEARLY seen data processing artefacts at ISO100-400 and NO SUCH ARTIFACT after ISO800. If there was photosites saturation of any kind there would be no such borderline at ISO800.


Again, If we won't see stripes with ADL OFF in 14-bit RAW, there will prove my claims entirely.



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