Release Cable: Olympus' Version?

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Loren Lewis Forum Member • Posts: 76
Re: Triggertrap

I also had a similar problem with the Hahnel remote. After a couple of phone calls to Scotland, if I remember correctly, Hahnel sent me a new cable which works fine. But I had forced the original into the my E-5 and damaged the camera. Olympus, to their credit, repaired it at no charge after some whining from me, but did remind me they had no obligation to do so because I used a 3rd party gadget.

I now have both the Hahnel and a TriggerTrap  and each has it's strong points.

The Hahnel's radio frequency is wonderful. Just be careful inserting the receiver cable. I've used it successfully from inside my house where the camera was not in sight.  While viewing the security system display inside my house, I was able to actuate the shutter (100 ft away and on the opposite end of the house) which had been setup and pre-focused in the back yard to capture a woodchuck living under my shed. Ended up with a great shot.

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