Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

The camera has being around for a long time, from the first pin hole, to modern d-SLRs, they all record images by focusing light on to a plane containing light sensitive material.

This method can record two very important details on the light: color and intensity; together with the position they fall on the light sensitive material, an image can be made.

But now a university has constructed a camera that could record light in the form of a vector, that is, information about its color, intensity and direction of travel.

When I heard this news i felt this could have literally earth shattering effect on photography. The most obvious and relevant point being 'focusing' will be a thing of the past.

with 3D vector of lights recorded, any 2D plane can be constructed to produce a photo at that focus. Imagine a sensor capable of recording all lights in all directions around you, and store them in vector form; from this massive collection of data, all possible photos that could be taken at that point with a traditional camera can be constructed.

There could be a day when photography no longer holds the meaning that it does today. I feel this new type of camera is not far, exciting as it is, this could spell the end for many things we enjoy.

One day soon, photography will just be bring a little ball sensor out on a stick, record everything there is to record, and produce what you want in-front of a computer as post processing.

scared ? excited ? share your thoughts.

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