Does anyone care about moire?

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EM-5 has more moire than the Nikon 1 V2 (See comparison)

sigala1 wrote:

Camera makers finally got the message. They always got dinged for having a resolution-destroying optical-low-pass filter, but no reviews ever say anything bad about moire. So Nikon finally decided to give the reviewers what they really want, although if you look at most new cameras, the OLPF is very weak and most current DSLRs make moire on this coin. The E-M5 hardly has any moire, so I included that as a comparison.

I personally would prefer slightly less resolution and no moire.

Moire can occur on cameras with OLPFs and it can occur on cameras without OLPFs.  See this Olympus EM5 vs Nikon 1 V2 comparison below.   Since the V2 does not have an OLPF you would expect loads more moire, but in fact, it's the EM5 image that has more instances of moire (click on image, then click 1:1 to view them full-size).  The white building with blue lettering on the right side of the image and the small blue tiled building in the center / right of the frame.

Notice that this EM5 image actually has more instance of moire than the Nikon 1 image below (click once, and then click 1:1 to see at 100%).

The Nikon 1 camera which has a 14 mp 1" sensor and no Optical Low-Pass Filter

Depending on what you shoot, for general subjects (nature, portraiture, street photography, sports) the increase in accutance that you get with many of the latest cameras without OLPFs (Leica M9, Coolpix A, D7100, D800E) is well worth potentially more moire in certain situations.  And since moire can occur with all high resolution cameras with or without OLPF, there is simply no reason to prefer a camera with an AA-filter vs one without.

A look at the DPR Coolpix A Studio RAW samples (See link below) show that it indeed is out-resolving other 16 mp cameras. Will you get moire with a Coolpix A?  Perhaps.  But this is true of many other cameras as well. But the benefits of sharper images, far outweigh any perceived disadvantages of occasional moire.

DPR Coolpix A Studio Comparison (RAW)

I have a Nikon D800 that is by far the best camera I've ever owned including my 5D Mk II.   But if I had it to do all over again, I would have purchased the D800E.  The D800 with the Nikkor lenses that I use produces highly detailed files that I couldn't be happier with.  But since I'm not a professional, a few instances of moire here and there are simply not a big deal.  Besides, both D800s can produce moire in certain situations, so there is almost no reason other than price to prefer the D800 over the E.

Cheers, and happy shooting,


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