D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking' - doesn't look like blooming or flare

krikman wrote:

If you mean ADL, we can exclude it as the culprit because I see streaking in RawTherapee and RawDigger which do not do ADL.

I presume that NEF files were shot with ADL in-camera enabled. (I forgot its canonic Nikon name). We cannot exclude it because it is already in NEF file. Nikon had 2 type of ADL, one simple as postprogram, such as in d3000 camera at least. Another is in senior cameras as in D300s, which involved data reading from chip.)

Nikon has only one type of ADL, but several generations of it. The other you refer to is the post-processing DL. But it was shown many times that the only thing ADL does to raw data is up to about a stop of underexposure. I haven't seen a confirmation that the latest generation does the same but I'd be surprised if it doesn't - although I believe this underexposure of raw data is in fact a bad idea and unnecessary, except perhaps for some limitations for instant in-camera image processing.

No-no-no. Nikon do it in all cameras beginning from D200 or maybe from early beginning. But here at d7100 sample we found visual bug in these program code $)

CCD sensors had a much worse vertical bleeding thing but that's a different technology.

Remember Fuji invented an entirely new form of sensor bleeding for the early X10 known as the white orbs.

You, Jack, talk about RAW conversion software, but I talk about preprocesses before writing NEF.

Issues in pre-cooking of raw data are not excluded...

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