Best P&S camera? Impossible question?!

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John Knuhtsen
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Re: Best P&S camera? Impossible question?!

I agree with others about Fuji X20. But it is maybe too expensive (6-700$). I have a Nikon P300, that I am happy with, and combine with a Nex6. Just 4x zoom from 24 to 100. I love the 24 mm, and it is with F/1.8. The camera is fully automatic, but one can just turn a wheel and choose another (lower) stop in Aperture mode. This is very nice for controlling some depth of field (or set F/4-5.6 for maximum sharpness). Unfortunately P300 (rather cheap around 300 $) has been replaced with P330, that has raw, gps and 5x zoom (you can buy it white or black). It now costs 370 $. Your father might not like raw. But the camera can sometimes (under rare conditions and high F-number) give much chromatic aberrations. This can be removed from the raw. Only from jpg to less extent with DxO.

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