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Re: Resizing for galleries

A "maximum of 30,000 pixels along any axis" is fine with us and file size up several megabytes is also fine, but we frown on anyone who exceeds 20 megs or so for inserting into a post.  For your DPR gallery you should consider keeping your individual images files to under 20 megs in size only because of our limits listed below.

Please save your image in the sRGB color profile before uploading and keep in mind our upload total limit size as this will impact how many images you can upload each month :

  • JPEG image files only (for now)
  • Maximum of 20 MB or 20 megapixels in size
  • Maximum of 30,000 pixels along any axis
  • Free account limits
    • Maximum of 200 MB uploads per month (resets first of each month)
    • Maximum of 1,000 photos in total per account
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