Full Frame NEX When?

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John Knuhtsen
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Re: Full Frame NEX When?

cmc1 wrote:

I keep hearing rumours of a full frame NEX but when is it coming and will it be able to take E mount lens' and how will this affect the crop factor?

The crop factor will be 1X. APS-C lenses will have have too narrow field of view (they are not intended for a diagonal of 43 mm, as 24x36 has). Or they should have, if they have not been designed with full frame in mind. Since this costs extra effort (and costs) I do not assume that. It is likely that legacy lenses (for full frame) can still be used with new adapters (I assume that there will be space enough, since there are around 20-30 mm with most adapters, except m39).

If the full frame body has e-mount a male-female e-mount-adapter-spacer could also be a solution, so that all old adapters could still be used, but with a spacer between camera and adapter.

No spacer of course if flange to sensor distance can be preserved on full-frame body.

But it  is nice to notice that legacy lenses for 35 mm are still usable. There might be some rather few legacy lenses for halfformat cameras (olympus pen and pentax 110) which are only usable for APS-C.  As well as 4/3 lenses which should be unausable for APS-C, but are used by some anyway.

Just my thoughts, I am hopefully.

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