Fuji X100s or Sony Nex 6 pz 16-50

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Re: Fuji X100s or Sony Nex 6 pz 16-50

I have XE1 and Nex 6.

Nex 6 is a good all round camera. The 16-50 lens isn't too bad and I like the power zoom. As mentioned the Zeiss 24mm F1.8 gets fabulous reviews but is $1100 all by itself. You can get manual Contax g lenses for less than that and they are great but you can also do that for an XE1.

Sony ergonomics though leave a lot to be desired and the buttons on the body are a bit cheapish.

Menus are terrible. Also menu items are often not available in this or that mode - I find that annoying to set it up at times. So its a very good camera (same sensor as X100s by the way, just with a Bayer matrix not X tran matrix).

AF is good. Tilt screen is good. Manual focus peaking is good, its small, its light, there are a ton of adapters for cheap but good legacy lenses (same can be said for XE1).

XE1 on the other hand is a more engaging experience. Menus are very well thought and easy to find things. Easy to set the camera, beautiful high quality fit and finish. X100s is the same. Beautiful build and heft. Very engaging.

Nex 6 video is superb. The camera does everything in a small package. Coupled with a good lens (the Contax g are superb) it is a good experience. From reviews and posts a few Sony lenses are great but overall consensus is Fuji lenses leave them for dead except Zeiss 24mm F1.8 ($1100 lens).

So yeah a hard decision. They both seem equally interesting. It may depend on what weights you put on interchangeable lenses. Then it becomes XE1 versus Nex 6. Tough one. I would not swap my XE1 for Nex 6 but it sure would be close.

Fit, finish, ooc jpeg quality, fuji lenses, great menus win me over to Fuji. Sony has a solid feel to camera and despite having every known piece of camera technology it still has a point and shoot aspect to it. Plus the Sony engineers interfere too much with the dummy user who has to be stopped from making a mistake by disabling this that and other thing all the time in their menus.

Fuji is more respectful of the photographer.

So not to cheapen the Nex because it is good, I would sum up as Fuji is more the photographer's camera and Nex more the casual upgrader from a point and shoot type of camera. It has that distinct feel to it. Sony Nex is a bit too automatic to be totally engaging even though you can set everything manually once you get used to the extremely poorly thought out menu system.


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