Sigma 35mm f1.4 and Zeiss 35mm f1.4 Imatested

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Test Methodology

A great thing happened in a couple of years which I predicted: many reviewers (including DPR stuff) accepted Imatest as their main tool for lens evaluation and testing. However, due to it's great flexibility, Imatest can be used in many different ways and everyone can chose his or her reference points and default settings. After 9 years of using it, I came to my own default settings which don't deviate much from others'. My main departure from what's being used elsewhere is the way of reading test pic raw files: I use Adobe photoshop with the latest version of ACR plugin (currently 7.4) set at 50% sharpening instead of ACR default 25%. This provides two goals: 1) Use of widely accepted photo editor and raw reader, 2) Just the right ammount of sharpening that avoids the use of any additional sharpening except for the lowest resolution lenses.

Nikon D7100 provided almost ideal testbed due to its high pixel density and lack of optical low-pass filter. Nyquist frequency is so high that the lens becomes a main source of resolution cutoff.
Both Nikkors were tested using D7100 autofocus while Zeiss and Sigma were adjusted manually.

SO, HERE IT IS (please select original size pic):

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